Line 6 Stagesource L3S subwoofer


De Line 6 L3 Sub is een  1200 watt, bi-amped, Bass Reflex Subwoofer van 34 Hz tot 2.8 kHz.

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Line 6 Stagesource L3S subwoofer

With enough power to deliver punchy low end to large audiences, Line 6 StageSource L3s features a 1,200-watt, bi-amplified design for superb bass reproduction and maximum headroom. The dual 12-inch woofers are mounted in a bass reflex configuration for extended bass response and extremely low distortion.

When connected to other StageSource speakers, L3s automatically configures all crossovers for system-wide optimization—so you can be confident that your system is always correctly configured.

When integrating the StageSource L3s with third party systems, you can configure the crossover frequency settings manually, selecting from 80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz, or “Off” if you are using a speaker controller. Selecting a crossover frequency simultaneously selects the high-pass frequencies sent to the stereo outputs.

Afmetingen: 419mm x 591 mm x 867 mm
Gewicht: 37,5 kg

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Gewicht 37.5 kg

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